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August 19th, 2013

My previous blog had out grown the limited area of just Oracle. The current blog will cover broader areas of data mobility, agility and visualization.

If there are past posts that you are looking for, please drop me a line and I will prioritize them for posting on this blog.




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  2. | #1

    Looking for your NetApp vs. Delphix post.

  3. khailey
    | #2

    Hi Woody, thanks for stopping by. Here is the Netapp vs Delphix info http://www.kylehailey.com/delphix/delphix-oracle-12c/

  4. Andreas
    | #3

    I would be interested in an article “facebook-news-feed-performance” from 07.11.2012 (?). I also tried archive.org to get the article. Many older articles are stored but I could not retrieve this one.


    Original URL in my brwoser was:

  5. khailey

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