Jobs at RDS

April 13th, 2020

I’m personally interested in using explain plans to identify missing indexes opportunities.  Let me know directly if that is of interest to you. This could be in the roll of database engineer and design or development engineer on design and coding.

My manager has a bunch of openings in all sorts of areas from database performance monitoring, recommendations, proxy

The dev team I work with on performance monitoring and related has dev positions open







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  2. | #1

    I did something with a slightly different intent awhile back.

    gv$sql_plan is scraped every five minutes for new sql.

    Analysis is done to find redundant, or possibly redundant indexes.

    After some time indexes seem to accumulate on active tables.

    I had thought about adding a section to look for indexing opportunities, but just didn’t get a good opportunity for that.

  3. khailey
    | #2

    Nice Jared – thanks for sharing that here.

  4. | #3

    My pleasure Kyle.

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