Jonathan Lewis explains Delphix

November 4th, 2014

OOW 2014 was the best so far for me and a whirl wind.  After not having a presentation accepted since I left Oracle 10 years ago, I got not only a presentation accepted but 3 presentations accepted. Woohoo! Two of my presentations are available on youtube at

On top of that with the awesome support of the Oaktable, Delphix, Pythian and Enkitec , I was able to secure a great venue for the 3rd annual Oaktable World at OOW where we had the leading Oracle performance and internals experts speak for 2 solid days. You can see videos of the Oaktable World presentations at

Then with the help of Tim Gorman and Steve Karam also of the Oaktable, along with colleague and mastermind Adam Bowen, we ran a hands on lab where we installed Delphix on peoples laptops at the OTN lounge and called it #CloneAttack. We collaborated the next day with DBvisit and Solarwinds as well to hold hold a full day of hands on labs #RepAttack and #MonitorAttack.

The evenings were packed between events like the fun Oracle Ace dinner and the awesome Pythian party at the W and the bloggers get together at Jillians with customer meetings and dinners scattered in between.

The Delphix booth was exciting as it was huge 20×40 between Cisco and Cognizant. Its been fun watching Delphix go from a 10×10 slot on the outskirts of the show floor, to 10×20, to 20×20 to 20×40 right in the middle of the industry movers and shakers.

Finally had the honor of having Jonathan Lewis explain how Delphix works better than I can and Jonathan has only worked with Delphix for a few days. Incredible. Here is Jonathan’s presentation at the Delphix booth at Oracle Open World

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 3.56.46 PM


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