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February 17th, 2016

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Planning for Oaktable World 2015

Planning starts earlier and earlier each year. The first year 2012, I started up the conference two week before the event! Thanks to all the help from Oaktable members we pulled off an awesome conference. Wow.

Every year we try something something different.

The first year, 2012, was  2 days and in one small though awesome room called the community lounge. It’s round and 3 stories tall and when not being used for Oaktable World it often sports a field of 2 foot tall mushrooms with iPads embedded in their crowns.

The next year, 2013, we expand to two tracks over two days. It was tough to decided which track to attend because they were both great.

Thus in 2014 we went back to one room but got the biggest room at the venue and packed it for 2 days.

In 2015 we followed the same format as 2014 with 2 days of one track in the theater room of the Creativity Museum.

What will 2016 hold? 3 days? more rooms? a SQL day?

Another idea is to have a day of SQL tuning and relational foundations. The dream would be to have Dan Tow, Chris Date, Fabian Pascal, Jonathan Lewis, Carlos Sierra, Maria Colgan, and Karen Morton  and  etc talk about SQL and and relational foundations.

And of course still have all the great bits, bytes and process dump internals that Oaktable is famous for on other days along with insights on new technologies on the other two days.

Oaktable World couldn’t happen without the generous support of Oaktable members, Pythian, Delphix and Enkitec/Accenture.

Past Oaktable Worlds  videos

See details of Oaktable World past years at this link.


  • Riyaj Shamsudeen: in-memory internals slides & blog post
  • Chris Antognini: Indexes: Structure, Splits and Free Space Management Internals video & slides
  • Martin Bach: A deep dive into HCC internals and mechanics video
  • Jonathan Lewis:Calculating Selectivity slides & video
  • Greg Rahn: The Current State of SQL + Hadoop video
  • Kevin Closson:SLOB – For More Than I/O! slides & video
  • Toon: Why DBMS’s Still Lack SQL Assertions Support (A polite excuse) slides & Video
  • Carlos Sierra: introducing edb360 tool slides &video
  • Kent Graziano: Worst Practices in DW Design slides & video
  • Tanel Poder: Hacking Oracle 12c video
  • Jeremiah Wilton: Oracle on EC2: You’re doing it wrong video
  • Connor McDonald: clone db slides & video
  • Frits Hoogland: Profiling the logwriter and database writer (with version update) slides & video
  • Alex Gorbachev:  Anomaly detection on performance data video
  • Karl Arao: Capacity Planning: SLAs, KPIs, Headroom, Expiry Date

Ted Talks

  • Eric Grancher: using ASH to understand IO issues slides and screen capture & video
  • Jonathan Lewis: Breaking Exadata slides & video
  • Jonathan Gennick: Seven Secrets in Publishing video
  • Cary Millsap – The most important “trick” of performance instrumentation slides & video
  • Jonah Harris: network protocal hacking making Oracle talk with MySQL video
  • Jonathan Lewis:Parallel Execution Plans slides & video
  • Kent Graziano: Data Vault 2.0: using MD5 hash for change detection video
  • Alex Gorbachev:  100Miles video
  • Kerry Osborne: How to Hire World Class Oracle Dudes and Dudettes video


  • Christo Kutrovsky Oracle, Memory & Linux slides  and video


Oracle “Ted” Talks






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  2. joel barrera
    | #1

    looking forward to attending oakworld

  3. joel barrera
    | #2

    i would like to register and attend oakworld. can you send me confirmation on this and give me more details such as date, time, location, events, etc.

  4. khailey
    | #3

    @joel : what information is missing? In the page above there is a registration, agenda and location link.

  5. | #4

    I sat in on several sessions. Very well done. When and where will the presented material and videos be made available?


  6. | #5

    I am pressing the “Register” button, even though it says “Submit Comment” 😉

  7. | #6

    Thank you for, once again, creating the best Oracle conference of the year.

  8. Var
    | #7

    Is it a walk-in or should I register for this event?

  9. khailey
    | #8

    no registration necessary
    Just come on by

  10. | #9

    Thanks again for helping put this thing together, I enjoyed having the place to talk about the real sh*t and skip some of the big data/cloud marketing morass next door.

  11. khailey
    | #10

    @Kevin – thanks for the comments and I totally agree!

  12. Kevin Little
    | #11

    Ok, I have my idea already for a TED talk for next year.
    Topic: Queuing Theory and Parallelism
    Basic idea: Assuming for optimal parallelism, the number of concurrent parallel sessions should be equal to the number of service providers. So if we see a long queue forming wednesday night at a table that has ten identical plates with brownies, it doesn’t make sense to form one long queue, much faster service is achievable by forming ten shorter queues.

    I think the longest lines I saw wednesday night were at the Vegetarian tables, I do appreciate that for Oak Table World y’all had plenty of stuff for veggies, I’m not personally strict about it, but I appreciate having the option and I know plenty of folks that do.

  13. khailey
    | #12

    @Kevin: Thank! keep the ideas rolling in for Ted talks! we are already planning OTW 2015!

  14. | #13

    Good morning Kyle – I’ve sent you email, but probably it had drown in spam 😉

    Q1) do you happen to know for sure if the OakTable World is going to happen at the same date as the Oracle World this year? I couldn’t find any definitive announcement. I’m far away from SF and I’m planning to go only for OakTable first time in my life and US (as i’m not interested in Oracle’s marketing),

    Q2) On your blog http://datavirtualizer.com/oaktable-world/ you stated that registration is not necessary, I can’t believe it 😉 Is there entry fee?

  15. khailey
    | #14

    Oaktable World is Monday and Tuesday of OOW
    Oaktable World is open to the public – no registration necessary! and yes it’s free.

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