OOUG Performance Presentations

October 25th, 2013


Had a great time last week presenting to the Ohio Oracle User Group (OOUG). I’m generally use to presenting a single presentation but for this day at OOUG, I was the guest speaker and presented 4 back to back presentations.

OOUG members picked me up at the airport, whisked me to my hotel, then picked me up in the morning to take me to the conference venue, then arranged for my transport back to the airport. All in all super smoothly run.

Many thanks to Mary Brown from Nationwide who is the Vice President of OOUG for setting this up and for Nathan and Paddy  also from Nationwide for helping out.

Here are the 4 presentations .


Database Performance: Average Active Sessions



Database Virtualization



Visual SQL Tuning



Transaction Locks in Oracle


Many thanks to Doug Burns for his help on the lock presentation with his impressive set of blog posts on Oracle transaction locks:




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